Kamis, 30 Desember 2010

Love = Happiness

Love is Sharing

Believe me when I say that this is one of the most important ingredients of love. It is important to open ones heart and share – pain, joy, success and failure, it really does not matter, as long as the heart is clear. Love is being honest and knowing that the other person feels the same way too, it is sharing and losing ones inhibitions and knowing that the person on the other side will never be judgmental.

Love is Talking

Yes, love is talking. It is about speaking, telling and sharing. After some time people restrict their conversations to discussing bills, children and pets. This is a sure indicator of things going down hill. Bring the spark back by starting a conversation.

Love is Spending Time Together

A few minutes spent together everyday keeps the boredom away. I just made this up right now, but it is because I feel there is nothing like time invested in a relationship…believe me, it pays! Heavy work schedules take up much time and effort, so it is important to get things into perspective.

Love is Faithfulness

To love means to be true, to love unconditionally means to give with all your heart to one, and only one. Love is when you realize that he/she is the best thing that has happened to you and you want to cherish that person and the moments spent with him/her till death do you part.

Love is Being Friends

Love is being friends with each other. Enjoying simple pleasures in life like shopping, catching a movie or watching television at home, apart from a host of other things that "Friends" normally do!

"Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly
and without law, and must be plucked where it is found,
and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration."

- D. H. Lawrence

Source: Mr. Google:)

Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

is she alright?

Jadiiiiii giniiii gue lg ngumpul brg anak2 kan ya biasalah ngerumpi yg gapenting, galau, ketawa tawa trs ngomong ngomong bokep gitu biasalah¬_¬ trs tiba2 tmn gue ada yg bilang jupe jupe gitu. kalo gasalah raka deh,yaaa gue penasaran kan trs gue tanya lah

G: 'eh jupe knp?'

R: 'dia kan mau pake Bh laser tgl 29 wkaka'
kagetlah gue Bh laser gimana bentuknya coba. trs ipal nyaut....
I: 'ohiya diberita td pagi ada kan yak wahahahanjiiiiing'

Dgn nada ketawa ipal yg gue afal bgt pastinya...... trs gue makin penasaran aja kan tuh mkstnya anak2 apaan. trs katanya ditwitter ada tuh jupe ngetweet ttg rencana dia mau pake Bh laser tgl 29 hari ini. yaudah lah gue cek tuh lgsg acc nya jupe &ternyata................bener gue kaget sekaget kagetnya org kaget(?) gue nemuin beberapa tweet yg menurut gue kok awkward bgt ya? nih nih ↓

Whatthe....?!! Omg is she alright?
Jujur gue sempet jijik bgt tp ttp aja gue mau liat hasil Bra lasernya kyk gimana O.o wkaka gue tau lo semua juga pasti nunggu nunggu bgt kan bra lasernya jupe bakal kyk gmn udh ngaku ajadeh...............................^^v

i said......

"I hope you will be my Romeo
because i want to be your Juliet"

I know i dream too much
I just took a deep breathe and let it go.
Just seems like i never thought 'bout all these things
Whether its wrong or right?

The only one

HEY!! they're the only one reason why i decided to survive in my school now.
"The only one reason"


Wait a sec,how could i looked so Fugly?! oh just the camera's effect. Lol
Love, Kriskennadhila.

Jumat, 17 Desember 2010


Billion things that i got in 2010!

  • I got a gift from Hanif in my birthday:)
But i broke up with him on April 22nd 2010.
He broke me up 'cause a thing!

  • I have someone who i really love at that time. Sorry i cant share his pict. Caused 'Privacy' :/
  • In my first year, in Shs. I found a fuckin great-amazing-fabulous-awesome class! Named Xei8ht. I love 'em fuckin much! They're extremely nuts &always talking bout Sex or something like that. Gee!How fool?
And i found 2 angles 0:)
Called Dea &Dinda (Center-Left)

  • Im fallin in Love with Abdul Harist (Called 'Acul') in September end. When i saw he's smiling at me:) Acul is just a boy who said that he likes me when we had our first sight. hmmh...sweet one :$
But we broke up. For twice!
1. 18 November and 2. 17Desember. Twice. He broke me up. Unfortunately :| and you know?I love him like the way i love myself. But now i swear I aint loving him even he'd love me back!! I aint ur fuckin TOYS

  • Well, I went to Lampung w/ my beloved Hardjosoedarmo:D

There's more a Billion experience in 2010 that i havent tell you!
I just realized that 2010 aint too worst for me,

And all the things that i've shared is


Morning everyone! Just woke up &turned on my Pc,a way that i always do in weekend(how bored?) Sooooo i decided to 'surfing' on Terselubung,how interesting! I found a link and i thought that i supposed to open that link, and there's a video fucking great video by Mike Tompkins

Mike Tompkins
Just click the text:)
*Sorry i forgot how to make the Vid looks smaller*